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North Korea - Activity Report for Year 2000 to 2002
In January 2002, H.E. Ambassador Eric Hotung was awarded the Friendship Order (Class I) by the Decree of the Standing Committee Of the Supreme People's Assembly and the Certificate of being an Honorary Citizen of the Pyongyang Municipal People's Committee. These awards are in recognition of the good deeds which Me Hotung has done for DPRK which include his playing a role in developing friendly and co-operative relationship between the peoples of DPRK and the United Kingdom; donating a vessel "M.V. Patricia Anne Hotung"; setting up a children's fund with an amount of HK$1 Million; contributing 1,000 tons of soya beans; donating (9) tons of veterinary medicines and facilitating the gifting of 500,000 pieces of musical toys to the children of DPRK.
H.E. Ambassador Eric Hotung has been maintaining an office in the name of "Korea Eric Hotung Fund" in Pyongyang since September 2001 with a staff of two local representatives.
North Korea - Activity Report for Year 2009
To mark the appreciation of all concerned for the vital part paid by Mr. Hotung in the release of two young Journalists who wandered across the border of North Korea recently, Ambassador Eric Hotung is appointed as Senior Advisor of the Korea International Chamber of Commerce (KICC) on October 20, 2009.
Click to enlarge KICC appointed Ambassador Eric Hotung as Senior Advisor (2009).
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